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Anta’s new Olympics-themed sportswear range mixes national pride with fashion.

Building world-class venues, hosting high-level test events and nurturing local talent… China has been making huge efforts to prepare for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics over the past few years. Now Beijing 2022 organizers hope this week’s launch of Anta’s officially licensed national flag sportswear will take the Games to the mass market-and in particular the nation’s youngsters. The new gear, the first such apparel to go on sale that features the national flag, was launched at a star-studded fashion show in Shanghai on Monday.

“The Beijing Winter Olympics will be a milestone in our history. And the Olympic-licensed products program is a key measure to promote the Games and boost socioeconomic development,” said Han Zirong, a vice president and secretary-general of the organizing committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, at the launch.

“The national flag-themed sportswear will help spread the Olympic spirit, encourage more people to embrace winter sports and support our Winter Olympics. It will also help to boost our national fitness campaign to help our people forge a better life.

“We will launch more Olympic-licensed products with Chinese cultural and fashion elements in the near future. The aim is to promote winter sports, display the image of our country, explore a bigger market for the Winter Olympics and help boost the local economy.” Piao Xuedong, marketing director of the 2022 organizing committee, added that the launch of the themed sportswear is an important way to promote Chinese ice and snow culture.

Yang Yang, the chair of the organizing committee’s athletes commission, reckons targeting the younger generation is vital for Beijing 2022 and says the new sportswear lines are an ideal way to do that. ”This is a great effort. Our sportswear and our national flag will bring the public closer to the Winter Olympics,” said Yang.  “To realize the goal of attracting 300 million people to winter sports, we need to strengthen the promotion of winter sports knowledge and culture. We need to let more young people know about winter sports. ”Having the national flag in front of your chest is to place the nation proudly in your heart. The passion towards the Winter Olympics will be ignited. This will help to facilitate our goal of attracting more people to winter sports. This is also another way for young people to feel a sense of national cohesion.”

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Post time: Aug-29-2020